Leading from the top

Feb 14, 2021

Although a new player within the fire protection industry, the team at Prospect Fire has a wealth of knowledge and experience. The organisation is headed up by Patrick Murphy who personally has spent over 35 years working in the Construction Industry, more than 25 of those in Passive Fire Protection.

Jointly responsible for strategy and delivery, he helped grow his previous company into one of the largest passive fire protection companies in the UK. Strongly believing in growing talent from within, he is developing a team of highly competent individuals who believe in and deliver service in the ‘Prospect Fire’ way to ensure clients get fit-for-purpose, technically certifiable solutions at a competitive price.

“Having worked in every aspect of management in my career I believe I can impart sound advice to those under my direction and help them succeed to their full potential.” Pat fully buys into the Richard Branson ethos: ‘I look after my staff and they look after my customers’. He is proud that Prospect Fire will continue to offer a definite career path to individuals with the ambition and skills to succeed, facilitating their individual needs by sponsoring self-improvement programmes.

Passive Fire Protection is an integral part of buildings’ construction and maintenance, with effective fire compartmentation restricting the passage of flames, heat and smoke, and ensuring the structural stability of the building in the event of a fire. If you are planning a building or transforming or maintaining an existing building, Prospect Fire is on hand for consultation and strategy, ensuring your solutions achieve compliance.

Image of Pat Murphy