Raising the Bar in Fire Protection Training

Apr 10, 2021

With the Fire Protection industry in the midst of an overhaul, a key element being addressed is how to raise standards and competence in a consistent, verifiable manner. Clients, certifying/accrediting bodies and insurers all want to see that the work being carried out on each building is undertaken by qualified, competent people. Yet there hasn’t always been a coherent approach to the provision of specialist education across all roles in fire protection.

Some installers with years of valuable experience may not have the external qualifications nowadays expected. Many people new to the industry may have picked up theoretical knowledge through courses without experiencing and applying the learning in a practical context. Raising standards while bringing together people from differing backgrounds is a challenge the fire protection industry needs to solve.

One way this is being addressed is through the Association for Specialist Fire Protection’s (ASFP) new e-learning platform that supports its Foundation in Passive Fire Protection. Aimed at giving people the knowledge and basis for continuing to Level 2 and Level 3 qualifications in Passive Fire Protection, provided by the Institution of Fire Engineers (IFE), this platform is a great step forward in facilitating the progression of individuals and the raising of standards.

For clients, contractors and decision-makers, the certainty provided by externally assessed qualifications can only benefit the construction and facilities management sectors, and the fire protection industry itself. At Prospect Fire we support the ongoing raising of industry standards and the use of qualified, competent professionals at all levels of the business.