Tips for high-rise apartment dwellers

Mar 23, 2021

Fire safety remains an area of concern for occupants of high-rise buildings. If the compartmentation in your building has been properly carried out there should be no gaps around your doors or hidden holes in walls that would allow flames, heat, or smoke to enter your apartment.

Escape corridors and stairs should be similarly treated. Building compartmentation should also allow time for the fire services to arrive and safely access your building to deal with the fire.

The Insurance Information Institute offers great tips for being Fire Smart in the event of a fire. This should be considered in line with the fire strategy and policies created specifically for your building.

The building manager should ensure that compartmentation is in place and maintained throughout the life of the building. This means regular checks on fire doors and walls to ensure that they continue to be fit for purpose.

Prospect Fire offers knowledgeable fire compartment and door surveys at reasonable prices and includes fully costed solutions for any issues found. This gives you an excellent platform to mitigate your risks in the short term and budget your upgrades in the longer term.