Understanding Fire Safety Responsibilities in the Workplace

Apr 6, 2021

Understanding Fire Safety Responsibilities in the Workplace

For many organisations and premises, particularly smaller ones, fire safety duties may be bundled up with a large number of (often quite different) responsibilities. Finding the right guidance, support and training can be challenging.

NEBOSH (The National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health) has recently launched a new qualification targeted specifically at this area. The NEBOSH Certificate in Fire Safety is designed to provide workplace professionals with the knowledge and techniques to implement a positive fire safety culture in low to medium risk workplaces.

Aimed at facilities managers and health and safety professionals, this course provides a technical foundation and expertise that will enable the learner to apply best practice, creating a fire safety culture that will protect those people occupying the workplace as well as the buildings and businesses themselves.

Fire safety and fire risk management is ongoing throughout the lifespan of a building. Being equipped with knowledge of the contributing elements of fire safety will enable businesses to make informed decisions when maintaining and upgrading their premises.