Prospect Fire’s vast experience in the sector, and understanding of the manufacturers, product systems and solutions, allows the provision of a range of survey options that can be tailored to client needs.

The location and condition of fire-resisting partitions and doors are critical in the maintaining of effective fire compartmentation. Yet there is more to passive fire protection than compartment walls and floors: escape route corridors and stairways, and service shafts are all integral to the success of fire strategy. And with building requirements and regulations becoming ever more complex, facility owners and managers need clarity on what exists now, to determine what needs to happen in the future. 

Gaining Compliance

With our works being recorded electronically and quality assured, Prospect Fire installation and remediation reports provide detailed Operations and Maintenance Manual information, ensuring our clients achieve compliance with legislation under The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and Regulation 38 of the Building Regulations 2010.

Maintaining Compliance

Compatibility of all elements of the fire door set is essential. Given that the majority of UK fire doors currently have an incomplete or inadequate paper trail, knowledge and expertise are essential in providing the service that customers need. Our experience and range of resources allows us to identify, source and maintain a wide variety of components and hardware.


“We have worked with Pat and his team for several years. The responsiveness and flexibility they bring, in addition to their expertise and competence, enables us to overcome technical challenges without disruption. We look forward to working with this “can do, will do” company again.”

Christopher Evans

Managing Director, Safety Consulting Partnership Ltd

“Having worked in partnership for many years, we see the benefits of stability, reliability and consistency of your service coming through in meeting contractual timeframes and costings. Working with familiar faces who understand our needs allows us to focus on other elements, safe in the knowledge the passive fire protection will be delivered to a high standard.”

Andy Hopek

Project Manager, Jnoad Limited

With our experience and project management expertise, we aim to achieve cost-effective solutions for clients while holding true to the principles of installing fit-for-purpose passive fire protection systems to the highest possible standards.

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