Helping care homes, educational facilities, commercial and residential properties stay safe in compliance with fire regulations


Surveying fire compartmentation & doors to identify faults in fire stopping, barriers & doors for swift remediation &/or as part of a programme of planned preventative maintenance


Inspection, replacement & repair of timber, steel & aluminium fire resisting internal doorsets & non fire-rated fire escape doors


Sealing openings, joints & service penetrations through fire resisting walls & floors, using mineral fibre batts, intumescent sealants, collars & wraps


Installation and reinstatement of internal fire-rated partitions and walls to uphold the integrity of fire compartments


Supplying & installing glazed screens, walls, windows & doors for fire protection that is as stylish as it is safe


Preventing the temperature of structural steel rising through the installation of fire-resisting boards or the application of thin-film coatings of intumescent paints

Prospect Fire uses expert knowledge & trained installers to provide the full range of services necessary for building compliance from the Survey stage through Design & Installation to Maintenance. With experience in healthcare, education, residential & commercial sectors, Prospect Fire has the experience & the solutions you need

PFP Introduction

Passive Fire Protection is an integral part of construction and maintenance programmes, restricting the passage of flames, heat and smoke, and ensuring the structural stability of the building in the event of a fire. Fire-resisting compartments which sub-divide the building (vertically or horizontally) contain fires at the point of origin and delay their spread, enabling the protection of life through evacuation and the intervention of the fire emergency services.