Structural Steel Protection

At Prospect Fire we offer a complete steel protection system for fire protection and decoration of structural steel. Our intumescent steel coatings offer a guaranteed source of quality with the right specification provided to architects and main contractors at all stages of construction. With many years of experience in the industry our trained and qualified team aim to achieve cost effective solutions for our clients by installing all passive fire protection systems to the highest possible standards.

Intumescent Coating for Steel

Protecting the structural integrity of a building is essential for preventing collapse of internal compartments, escape routes and the overall stability of the structure. At Prospect Fire we can apply intumescent coatings to structural steel to ensure they are capable of withstanding high temperatures.

With structural steel being a popular choice in construction due to its documented strength and test evidence. However, heat affects all materials, and the temperature of steel must be limited to ensure 60% of its room temperature strength is maintained during a fire.

How intumescent Works

During a fire it can just take a few minutes for the temperature of unprotected steel work to reach 550°C. At this point the steel structure will loses its structural load bearing capacity causing a building to potentially collapse. Applying intumescent steel coating is designed to increase the time of the structural load within the building while during a fire. The works by expanding or swelling when exposed to high temperatures and form a barrier that fully insulates the steel protecting it from structural failure. At Prospect Fire we have a team that is qualified to install intumescent steel coatings to ensure the protection of steel from reaching structural failure temperatures. All intumescent coating used at Prospect Fire have been tested and approved to meet EU standards.

Service Included

  • Intumescent Fire Protection for Steel
  • Intumescent Fire Protection for Wood & Timber
  • Fire stopping for Walls & Floors
  • Cavity Barriers to Ceiling Voids
  • Timber Fire Protection
Fire Stopping