structural steel protection

Protecting the structural integrity of a building is essential for preventing collapse of internal compartments, escape routes and the overall stability of the structure. 

For this reason, structural steel is a popular choice in construction due to its documented strength and test evidence. However, heat affects all materials, and the temperature of steel must be limited to ensure 60% of its room temperature strength is maintained during a fire.

Boarding Steels


Boarding steels is an increasingly popular option. With options for steels in non-accessed areas and those in public view, we can provide the appropriate level of aesthetic finish in line with client needs. There is also an added acoustic benefit to this method of fire protection.


Intumescent Coatings


Intumescent coatings of paint can be applied to structural steels to achieve a similar level of fire resistance. Water-based paint options are increasingly available, and a decorative finish can be overlaid.


“We have worked with Pat and his team for several years. The responsiveness and flexibility they bring, in addition to their expertise and competence, enables us to overcome technical challenges without disruption. We look forward to working with this “can do, will do” company again.”

Christopher Evans

Managing Director, Safety Consulting Partnership Ltd

“Having worked in partnership for many years, we see the benefits of stability, reliability and consistency of your service coming through in meeting contractual timeframes and costings. Working with familiar faces who understand our needs allows us to focus on other elements, safe in the knowledge the passive fire protection will be delivered to a high standard.”

Andy Hopek

Project Manager, Jnoad Limited

With our experience and project management expertise, we aim to achieve cost-effective solutions for clients while holding true to the principles of installing fit-for-purpose passive fire protection systems to the highest possible standards.

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