Fire Doors

The Importance of Fire Doors

Fire doors are one of the most important elements of passive fire protection and the creating of compartmentation in a building, yet also one of the most neglected. The doorset (including its frame & hardware) is designed to allow people to evacuate and then, when closed, to prevent the passage of fire or smoke from one area of the building to another.

At Prospect Fire we provide a number of services for fire doors from new door closers to full Fire Door upgrades by our professional team with third party accreditation.

If your fire door is non-compliant, we also offer a range of pre-hung or off the shelf fire doors from our trusted manufacturers for FD30, FD30s, FD60, FD60s or even an FD120, to suit your requirements.

  • Certified Fore Door installers
  • Professional and Experienced installers
  • High Standard installation
  • Fire door and frame installation

Why Choose Prospect Fire

At Prospect Fire, we understand that fire doors are crucial to protect your property from fire and smoke damage, therefore we offer expert installation and maintenance services to ensure that your doors are always complaint with the most up to date legislation. Our certified team can install new fire doors, retrofit existing doors, and offer routine maintenance services to keep your doors in good working order and ensure you are always compliant with the most recent requirements.

Fire Door Installation

Fire doors are a necessary requirement in commercial and public buildings; therefore, it is important to make sure that these are installed in the correct way. With a large client base, ranging from small, independent businesses to large developments, the Prospect Fire team have demonstratable experience in offering a complete fire door installation and maintenance service across the UK. We provide a high quality, professional and reliable service to our customers to ensure all doors are fitted in line with manufacturer instructions and with test evidence certifying that they meet the correct standards in the event of a fire.
If you would like a quote for your fire door installation or require more information, please contact our team for a no-obligation, personalised consultation.

Fire Door Maintenance

There are several factors which can affect the longevity of fire door compliance such as, the amount of usage, environment, and potential for harm. As a result, fire doors require regular maintenance keep them in proper working order, taking into consideration doors in high footfall locations with greater usage, should have more frequent inspections, Prospect Fire would be happy to advise in this situation. If your fire door requires maintenance Prospect Fire can offer a suitable method of remediation with our fully trained operatives will be able to carry out all door maintenance to essential elements of the fire door, including.

  • Door Leaf
  • Door Frame
  • Frame to substrate fire sealing
  • Intumescent & Smoke Seals
  • All ironmongery
  • Hinges
  • Signage
  • Glazing
  • Threshold Seals

We offer a fully comprehensive maintenance service contract to keep your equipment compliant and in immaculate condition.


Prospect Fire also offer a fire door repair service, utilising industry-standard methods to ensure the door is in a useable condition and fit for purpose. We offer a range of solutions to extend the lifespan of doors, while reducing maintenance costs. All safety products we offer are designed to endure continued wear and tear without compromising reliability.

Fire Walls