Fire Stopping

The Importance of Fire Stopping

The integrity of the fire compartments must be maintained to ensure the overall fire safety of a building. In any live building, however, there are always services, works and other activities taking place that impact on the structures and elements of the compartmentation.

The International Association of Fire and Rescue Services has published that fires in contemporary buildings, develop and spread around 5 to 10 times faster than buildings have in the past due to the significant increase in combustible materials being used. Modern buildings also have a large amount of pipework and HVAC ducts, which create points of vulnerability where gases, smoke and flames can spread when adequate protection is not in place. It is therefore a priority to protect the building or stop the fire quickly and effectively. 

Prospect Fire use market leading fire stopping products, designed to prevent the movement of gases, smoke, and flames, to close any gaps and improve vulnerable areas where heat, gas and flames could pass through to other areas of the building.

Why Choose Prospect Fire – Using Leading Manufacturers

Prospect Fire combines decades of experience with up-to-date training to offer our clients bespoke solutions and lifecycle service from design and installation to operation and maintenance. With our experience and project management expertise, we aim to achieve cost-effective solutions for clients while holding true to the principles of installing fit-for-purpose passive fire protection systems to the highest possible standards.

Offering a fully comprehensive selection of solutions for fire stopping such as:

Load-bearing compound, fire seals, batt and mastic seals, intumescent wraps, collars, and linear joint seals. All fire stopping installations are third party accredited by BRE/LPCB and Health & Safety accredited.

Trusted Manufacturers

Long-standing relationships with market-leading manufacturers enables us not only to respond quickly to the majority of firestopping needs, but also to establish solutions in non-standard situations. We install all major manufacturers’ fire stopping and fire curtain systems when determined by building fire strategy and/or client specification.

Prospect Fire QR System

Prospect Fire use Onetrace, a fully integrated, cloud-based application for efficiently recording, tracking, and inspecting fire safety installations. Our installation reports provide detailed Operations and Maintenance Manual information, ensuring our clients achieve compliance with legislation under The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and Regulation 38 of the Building Regulations 2010.

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